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I am running for Johns Creek City Council because I care deeply about Johns Creek and wish to contribute to the continued success of our city.  I believe in smart, properly planned development, continued parks and recreation development-utilizing the parks bonds to full potential, and finding and implementing proven solutions for road congestion.

My Pledge:

I pledge to follow the wishes of all of the voters and citizens of Johns Creek.  I will work to ensure transparency in all areas of city government.  I pledge to do the work required to be prepared for all city meetings including reading and reviewing presentations, reports, and proposed legislation.  I pledge to respond to citizen requests as expediently as possible.  I pledge to work diligently to ensure all of our residents are represented and heard.  I ask for your vote and the honor of representing you as a member of the Johns Creek City Council. 

My Belief

I believe in being an active citizen participant.  I have always done my best to give back to my community.  Being the mother of two boys, I have been involved as a volunteer at schools, sports teams, civic causes and charities, especially children’s charities.  I’ve lived in Johns Creek for the past eleven years and wish to continue to give back to the city I proudly call home.  I ask you to vote for me, Marybeth Cooper, for Johns Creek City Council, Post 4.