Road Congestion:

I believe we should promote smart congestion relief.  Utilize all the available tools and ensure we search for proven, valid methodologies.  Use our state-wide relationships to research and implement technologies that are in the best interests of all the residents of Johns Creek. 

The Special Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation was passed in November 2016.  Our current council continues to challenge the veracity of the vote.  Continuing to argue a certified vote after almost 3 years does no one in our city any good.  We need to immediately begin utilizing the TSPLOST funds for the Tier 1 projects.  The city requested and was given an opinion of scope change by the State Attorney General, yet members of council continue to push for change, when change was not advised as a legal option.  The Public Works Department began working on design options for the projects, only to have the council delay, stall, and deny out of hand.  City Council needs to review these key items: does it meet the legal requirements of TSPLOST and will it ensure the continued safety of our residents and those traveling through our great city?  It’s time to move forward, it’s time to give the voters what they voted for.



The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) was adopted and certified in November 2018.  We must now move to have our zoning ordinances match the CLUP.  Without matching our ordinances to the Plan, we cannot fulfill its mission and vision.  City Council must ensure proper growth and development throughout the City.  Over fourteen months ago, June 2018, Council was informed of and had a public hearing on an ordinance that was deemed to be illegal by the city attorney.  Council chose then and has continued to choose to ignore this ordinance.  I believe Council must act swiftly and assuredly, following proper legal standards and advice to correct issues such as these.  Community Development and the City Council must continue to protect our residential feel while following the CLUP for acceptable development. Council must also protect our residents from developers choosing to file inadequate, ‘first draft’, or poorly engineered rezoning requests.  Current ordinances allow developers to file, go through all the steps up to the Planning Commission meeting and then withdraw an application with no penalty.  This push and pull on our community can exhaust citizens attempting to assert their right to oppose a development.  Council should create and enforce rules that do not allow for what, at times, appear to be arbitrary delays in zoning cases.  We need to have transparency for our citizens in this process.  Without clarity, distrust can and will grow.

Parks and Recreation Bond:

I believe we must preserve and maintain green space within our city.  We have a $40 million parks bond the citizens passed in November 2016.  Our city has shown many proposed plans for current and new parks.  The plans for the new parks have come with price tags far, far beyond prior estimates.  Council must look at the city as a whole and allocate those precious funds properly, and in areas that are under-served with park space.  We must come up with a properly staged, deliberately executed, and properly bid and estimated plan for Cauley Creek.  Resident involvement, from all over the city, is needed to ensure we cultivate the exceptional beauty of the property.