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Lives in the Council's Hands: Fire Station 64

Chris Coughlin stated at the Thornhill candidate meet and greet on September 25th  that he "never opposed the fire station."  At the City Council October 22, 2018 meeting, Chris Coughlin voted NO on an agenda action item to approve architectural and engineering services for Fire Station 64.

On his website, Mr. Coughlin touts his support for Quick Response Vehicles as an accomplishment. This experiment began with a comparison of our city, Johns Creek, with Los Angeles County, California. The LAFD handled almost 500,000 calls in 2018.  Their annual budget is more than ten times the entire budget for our city, $691,000,000 in 2019.  Clearly, Los Angeles is a unrealistic comparison to Johns Creek. The Quick Response Vehicle experiment did not work in our city. It cost our city money and time. Time that the residents in our western and northern areas cannot afford to have wasted.

Fire Station 64 has been in City Council discussions since 2015. The issue was raised due to response times in the northwestern area of Johns Creek exceeding Fulton County Critical Care guidelines and exceeding national standards - we cannot waste time crunching the same numbers over and over again and re-analyzing data the same data, expecting a different outcome.  Response time was over 8 minutes in 26-27% of calls and over 10 minutes in 7-8% of calls - lives are at risk.

I encourage you to watch the video. Wouldn't you want your elected City Council Member to vote to protect the lives and properties of our residents? Why doesn't Chris Coughlin want the same?  His
NO vote tells the residents of Johns Creek he does not want better response times and potentially, lives and properties being saved.  Voting yes on an annual budget that contains funding for an item is very different than voting for that item specifically.