In the past weeks, I’ve been asked this question by several friends, family, and Johns Creek residents. Why? Why did you decide to run for city council? I’m running because I care about our city and its residents. I’m running because I do not believe our city is moving forward, as we should. I’m running because ALL citizens should be heard, not just those who “know” the right people or “speak” the loudest. I’m running because TSPLOST passed, whether you voted for it or against it. You can’t rewrite the vote;

you can’t ignore the vote. The citizens of Johns Creek approved a Parks bond. Projects were put forth and citizens were assured these parks would be implemented. I believe it’s time to work on issues that were mandated by the voters of Johns Creek.

Transparency in City Government

City council needs to ensure the citizens of Johns Creek have faith in the decisions made. Transparency in the process is a key factor. City Council should ensure there is enough time for discussion, debate, and research. Members should not withhold information for personal gain or attention. Members should not bring previously unshared presentations and expect council to be ready to discuss and debate critical issues in our city. I believe City Council needs to limit the items on work session agendas, and limit the number of items moving from work session to same night council meetings. Items pushed through during this process are slighted, and the appearance of cloudy, back room dealings appear.


As a city, we must do better to communicate with our residents, businesses, and local organizations. Open, respectful, clear communication is key. As citizens, we should expect no less from our elected officials, and from ourselves.

Zoning Standards

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, the Johns Creek Planning Commission voted 4-0 to recommend adoption of the A-19-002, the Zoning Text Amendment. This amendment brings the city’s zoning ordinances into agreement with the 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) passed last fall. A tremendous step forward in ensuring that the vision of the CLUP is enforceable in rezoning requests. The amendment now moves to City Council for review and, hopefully, passage. Accolades should be given to the Community Development department, led by the new Director, Ben Song. Planning and Zoning manager Yang Chen should also be commended for her dedication. Our city was once told it would take 18-24 months to update our ordinances, this great team did it in less than half that time. A grateful city will reap the benefits of this hard work for years to come. More info: bit.ly/2kvLLYe